About Guest Worship

Guest Worship Christian Artist NetworkGuest Worship has been providing anointed and experienced Worship Ministry Leaders (worship leaders/artists, musicians, speakers) for local churches & organizations in need of filling a worship ministry position on a temporary basis and now are expanding to offer this to churches nationwide. We are also using our many years of worship ministry experience to lift up worship leaders, artists and ministries through local networking, online training, events and social networking, as well as providing worship team training & support and other services to our network churches.

Worship Ministry Memberships

Worship Leader, Artists, Christian Musicians and Speakers can now get a free account on the Guest Worship Network to be listed in our Guest Worship Ministry Database to have the potential of being hired to assist churches and organizations that need to fill a Guest Ministry Leader position. You will also be part of a local area network of leaders and mentors that you can network with and grow in your ministry gifts, while connecting in fellowship like God calls us to do.  More info...

Network Churches & Organization

As a Network Church or Organization you can benefit in many ways by being part of the Guest Worship Network. Guest Worship provides a resource that connects you to experienced an anointed worship leaders & artists, christian musicians and speakers, to assist you in times of need (need an worship leader, artist, musician or speaker for a service or special event), as well as giving your team access to trainings, mentoring, networking and special events. You will also have access to our Church Ministry Experts that can provide Consulting for Worship Team Training, Musician Development, Sound Tech & Front of House Equipment, IMAG & Video Systems, Worship Software Implementation & Training, as well as Church Website Design, Social Media & Internet Marketing


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