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Welcome to our Registration Page. Once you you set up a FREE "Worship Ministry" Leader Profile or register for FREE to be one of our Network Churches or Organizations, you will be able to view our entire Worship Ministry Leader Database with complete profiles that include worship leader overview, church references, video & audio links and a way to contact our member. Call 443-852-4589 to register for FREE today!


(Worship Leaders, Artists, Speakers, Musicians)

Worship Ministry Leader Benefits...

  • Listing in our Worship Ministry Database
  • Temp Jobs and Paid Events with our Network Churches
  • Online Worship Training & Webinars (PRO Membership)
  • Invites to Local Area Guest Worship Events (PRO Membership)
  • Local Meet-ups, Networking & Mentoring (PRO Membership)

Our basic program will ALWAYS BE FREE and in addition to the potential of getting ministry work, you will benefit from our worship ministry programs.





(Non-Profits, Conferences, Missions, etc.)

Network Church & Organization Benefits...

  • Post Jobs & Event Positions Needed to Fill
  • Worship Ministry Database Access
  • Worship Leader & Team Training
  • Church Services Consulting
  • Invites to Local Area Guest Worship Events

The best part is that we will always be adding more features and benefits for our Network Churches.




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*It is free to join Guest Worship, but there are services fees for some of our services offered.